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The vision of Northern Hope Veterinary Care is to joyfully serve the residents of the Brainerd Lakes area:

The vision statement of Northern Hope Veterinary Care is to joyfully serve the residents of the Brainerd Lakes area by educating owners and providing holistic and integrative veterinary prevention and treatment therapies to improve pet health and quality of life.


Holistic Medicine focuses on healing and health that take the whole pet into account. Holistic approaches aim to have proper balance of all the systems in the body. As in traditional medicine, prevention is the primary goal, but in holistic medicine treatment and techniques are used to help boost the body’s natural healing abilities and increase health and energy. Holistic approaches also look to use less invasive techniques, treatments that are effective, safe, and natural and also have less side effects when possible. Another goal of holistic medicine is to treat the underlying cause of disease in the whole body, instead of treating the clinical signs.

The mission of Northern Hope Veterinary Care is to passionately and wisely provide new hope by offering holistic veterinary care for clients already recognizing the benefits for their own health and seeking out holistic care for their pet’s health and educating traditional clients about the health benefits of integrative medicine and providing individualized care developed for their pet and family. We will seek to improve patient quality of life, build the human animal bond, and extend the life of pets while building relationships and serving clients. We also are passionate about treating and educating about nutrition, food therapy, physical therapy, behavioral modification, and palliative geriatric end of life care. We will seek to continue learning about new techniques in traditional and holistic treatments for veterinary services and products. The patient and client will receive individualized care that is best for their family needs.

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